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My Last Post Here In This Blog

Hello to my readers, as the title says THIS is going to be my very last post here. I’m going to stop posting here. This blog was started as a way to not only vent but to tell as many people as possible about a drug counselor at the C.AA.A. Methadone Clinic here in Cleveland,Ohio. Her name is KATHLEEN BOONE, she is a total wreck of a human being. Something is very much wrong wth her. She fancies herself some sort of detective, her thesis in college was on MunchausenByProxy which is where a person does something to a person they are responsible for then when that person ends up in the hospital they bask in the attention they get by being so attentive ad caring even under overwhelming circumstances.At time it’s simply MunchausenSyndrome which is where the person either fakes their illness or does something to cause an illness of course they don’t( i guess) take it so far as to be deadly.

Boone in her absolute ignorance decided that even though I had all my papers from my doctors and thy knew I was going back to the clinic,she decided that I’M A FRAUD!!. If not for the extent of damage she’s done and tried to do she’d be laughable. Hell she still IS laughable but she’s also very dangerous,much like the Facebook Murderer Steve Stephens who murdered many on Easter Sunday he is a Children’s Counselor at Beachbrook . He had all that simmering just below the surface. I have to compare Kathleen Boone with him if nothing else that they are both counselors,and they have both caused a lot of trouble. My days in the homeless shelter are over I just moved into my apartment yesterday,it’s really nice and I look forward to fixing it up and getting a cat!. So that calls for a HAPPY BLOG as I spoke of before. That’s why this website won’t be posted in anymore. It’s time to say bye to the previous chapter of my life and to say HELLO to THIS one!. I’ll have a new one at http://www.susanwoodrellsplace.squarespace.com

Boone called Social Security on me telling them I’m a fraud!,she called the shelter I was in when I went in and told them that I’m a fraud,which is why it took so long fr me to get into housing. IT took awhile to realize that she had pulled the same shit there as she’d done at the methadone clinic.

She’s caused a lot of us at the Community Action Against Addiction Methadone Clinic huge amounts of trouble. She tries to act like she’s a friend but all the time she’s smiling you feel like your in the company of a  very poisonous spider such as a tarantula. She should be fired many times over for all the chaos and problem she causes but then the boss isn’t much better.

Kathleen Boone I honestly hope you read this blog that YOU inspired by your utter incompetence. You harassed an elderly(89 yr.old) man, trying to get him to say that I’M not the “other” Susan Woodrell he originally took in. Do you have the brain power to understand how ignorant your idea sounds(sounded back then to). I fought to survive stage four breast cancer while fighting to stop an EIGHTEEN year long heroin addiction AT THE SAME TIME!.

I was so happy to get back on the clinic since that was and still is the only option for those of us that need a very HIGH POWERED pain killers that are at the same time HIGHLY ADDICTIVE that a known heroin addict has available. Which, by the way, for the people that aren’t familiar with Methadone that is why Methadone is regulated and watched over so closely by the nurses/doctors/workers at any clinic AND the D.E.A.

I had hopes of paying off my Tri-C bill and going back to college,after having to drop out due to the pain and having no pain relief that worked. Can you even grasp the amount of pain I was in? can you even grasp the enormity of what YOU have done to someone that only wanted help?.



A Post To tell of a Last Post – HERE at W.P.

As the title says, I’ll have one last post here  on April 18th 2017. Reason being for this is that on April 17th, I’ll be moving out of the Norma Herr Women’s Shelter into my own apartment!. The building was built in 2010 and is in excellent shape. I’m beyond excited and am counting the minutes and hours until my favorite lady / housing worker  packs my belongings and me into her car and deposits me at the apartment!!. Woo hoo 100,000 cheers for Ms. Nicole B. The imo ONLY housing worked at Frontline/shelter that cares and gets things done. Except her boss Mr.Dave that is,whom by the way was the one to tell me off my moving date.

When I make my very last post here,I’ll also unlock the “private post”. Use your head to figure THAT sentence out! 😀

Well,until Tuesday bye and be safe to anyone who reads this.

When I’m moved in and get situated I’m going to start a new / happy website at  https://www.squarespace.com. I’ll put the adrs. / name  in my last post here,so I don’t loose my much appreciated followers!😘

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Mr.Owl, How Many Days Does It Take For…?



Does anyone remember the Toostie Roll Owl?. I thought of that when wondering how many more days will it take for CMHA to get my apt. inspected.As in who knows..maybe Mr.Owl knows!..lol..but not really.


I’m currently sitting at a table at TowerCity, awaiting the Cleveland Public Library to open for the day. Wanna know why I’m doing this,why I’m not sitting at home?. Well It’s a long story and one that is beginning to feel as if it will never ever come to a conclusion. You see, I’M homeless…sort of. I say SORT OF because i actually do have an apartment.

But,unfortunately I can’t eve get inside the door. Why?. That can only be answered by C.M.H.A. they have yet to do an inspection on it-evehn though I was given the apartment on March 20th 2017. I’ve spent as of yesterday EIGHTEEN MONTHS in the Norma Herr Womens Shelter. Feels more like some post apocolyptic place complete with thugs and homemade gangs!. I came to that hell hole on October 10th 2015. I really want out of there and now that I have a place,it makes things so much harder to bear!. I’m sick of the people there, I’m sick of mentally ill people that spread (literally) shit all over the walls of the stalls we use to shower in and the stalls for the toilets.

Now we even have a new woman, although calling her a woamn is a stretch since she’s very childlike in a way. She runs around the shelter and especially in out dorm room with her cell phone set to facetime/skype or whatever it is. JUst a few days ago I woke up after a nap and looked to the right of me,what did I see?.

I saw her phone FACING the bunk I’m in. We have bunk beds in the dorm rooms and ayways,I started to take my shirt off and put my bra back on before leaving the room. But thankfully I noticed the guy was watching me with some sort of grin on his face!. She sits that phone facing me and my bunkie or the rest of the room with other women..

Where we are at time undressing/dressing/trying to sleep in PRIVATE at least not with a man watching us. Instead of going outside into the hallways. I’ve spoke to her,hell we all have but she’s not right in the head. She refused to stay in a group home, and was sent to the shelter. Her husband is at home I guess but she wasn’t able to stay at their home. Can’t blame the people though she needs care,and the shelter and a regular home isn’t the place for her. Someone needs to intervene on her behalf.

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Disgusted With Homeless Shelter Residents That Brag About How Great They Are At Playing The Systems!


This post was written on March 25,2017 before I left the homeless shelter for the Apt.I have now. I’ve been here about 3 weeks,and I’ve already put my last post here as I said I would when I moved it of that he’ll hole place.. I had this post private for awhile then decided today to make it public It’s a venting type post about the type  of people that constantly scam or think up scams to try out. No wonder most landlords won’t consider a homeless person, Honestly if I ever own a building I’ll do every sort of research possible then STILL think long and hard about it. I’m also going to say that NOT ALL are like the majority of trash in there. I myself am not, I  lost my home  due to getting behind on the rent and the landlord wanted to sell very quickly to begin with. But sadly MOST WOMEN NO MATTER THEIR AGE OR RACE ARE PURE TRASH. I’m also going to make this a ‘sticky post’.

This post is a rant on the players of the various systems, the ones that think they are SO very good at deception.

However, before I start my rant, I want to tell my followers and others that read this that **drum roll please !!.**

In regards to my housing, it is almost a reality.  My housing worker took me to meet my new landlady and to look at a model of the apartment I’ll have. All I have to do now is wait for C.M.H.A. to do their inspection on my apartment then after they complete that I will be moving in with a day or so. This should be taking place by the end of this coming week.

I’m beyond happy about this, it’s a really great apartment, it’s new and nice, it comes with appliances and some furnishings also.

The biggest thing for me is that as a cancer survivor I worry so much about wasting what time I’ve been given. That’s another reason I’m very greatfull for this place, I’ll get a chance to start living  my life again, as it’s  virtually been put on “hold” since I came to the shelter.

Cancer survivors don’t take life for granted anymore. It’s a huge fear for all of us that the cancer will come back and kill us this time.  No one that’s never been through it can possibly understand.

Cancer survivors worry about wasting the time our doctors bought us….

Alright readers…here’s where my rant starts;   Those of us that truly need our S.S.I. and disability worry that the funds will go away and we will loose OUR  only form of income. I lost my breast and muscles from my back, my upper chest and my left upper arm in order to get all the cancer out. I’d let it go till it had taken over my whole breast, and it was spreading into all the lymp nodes under my arms.  I need my income,as do others with real issues.

There’s ALOT of people in shelters and out that are faking mental problems trying to get S.S.I.

My anger and disgust has reached an all time high because of the situation below I’m going to describe for you.

There’s so many women at the shelter that do nothing but drink/do drugs or they are stealing to buy those items or more likely they use their ssi/money family give them not knowing they will be drinking and/or drugging with it!. One woman in particular brags right to my face about how great she is at playing the system,she told me she went to the psych doctor and “ got her crazy on“.

Everytime she comes in drunk on her ass she will ask me several times ” you can’t tell I’m drinking can you? “.  Before I can answer her, she starts in about how she’s so good at hiding it that no one knows!.


At least the majority of the shelter’s residents aren’t almost 60 years old and still thinking it’s cool to play people and put on a act of being crazy to get Social Security. Or thinking like a teen-ager,telling another shelter resident that she should make sure she’s got a cool drinking cup in there. That one should make themselves seem “cool” in the eyes of the other women in there!. The woman she was talking to is half her own age!.

A normal person would ask themselves –  ‘don’t they understand how blessed they are to not need it.?.

The answer is that they DO know, they are just the types that are extremely lazy, they want everything handed to them.  The worst part is when they actually TELL me that they are playing the system in order to get disability. Even though they know I rightfully get it.

She’s is so much of a narcissist…

She tells me and others in our dorm she’s the ” family over achiever “!. Makes ya wonder if the rest of her family lives under a bridge huh?  lmao!.

Another one is that all the men she’s ever been involved with were very wealthy. Then there’s the one she tells about how she helped these men build their businesses into what they are today and that without her the businesses wouldn’t be successful. Of course no one believes her and we talk amongst ourselves about her outlandish bullshit lies that she’s always telling.

When she’s drunk she’s even worse, seems to think she learned so much about a computer and computer code all because she took a course in Microsoft Word and Power Point. I’ve tried to tell her that I know those programs,which should make her realize that I know she’s full of shit. It doesn’t though.

She took a space in those classes away from someone that really needed it to help get a job. It was offered JUST for that reason, she took it though not because she meant to get a job, but only because the classes gave refurbished computers to the students and because they would also geta voucher for clothing to wear to interviews.

Well, a couple weeks before graduation she was asked by a teacher or someone connected to the class if she was really using this to get a job or not. She said she told the woman that she was doing it for something to do and that she was waiting for the appeal on her application for SSI disability. Then she not only didn’t get the voucher for the computer she didn’t get the clothes voucher either.

When she mentioned that to me, I asked her ” do you think she asked you  if you intended to use what you learned to help get a job or not ws really an attempt to weed out the ones just doing it for the computer?”. she said ” oh, no, of course not!”. She has to understand though, these people and the others that she thought she was so cleverly fooling know exactly what she’s doing.

She thinks that when these people do the background checks such as for the apartments and social security.  That they JUST check to see if you have felonies,evictions etc on your record.

She refuses to believe that they can and WILL check into what it was you did to get the felony(s). That is a way to find out what sort of person you are. Your crimes describe what sort of person you are. NOw take ME  for instance,I was a heroin addict prior to oct.2008 and my crimes reflected that. I had several soliciting charges,one 5th degree felony ( a 5th degree is the LOWEST felony there is,below it is a misdemeanor). I have NO violent charges, no charges that show I robbed anyone whether by way of usual methods or taking monies that I was in charge of disbursing to someone.

After her drunken ass came in friday night acting even more disgusting than usual I stopped speaking to her, I just can not stand her anymore. I knew she went into a rehab but that she didn’t stop drinking, I gave her the benefit of the doubt on that. Until friday night she told me that the rehab was also another thing she did to ply the system, she said she felt it would make her a better candidate for housing.  I’m purely disgusted by her. I’ve in a manner cut her right out of my life. After this weekend  I’ve totally stopped speaking to her,she angered me so badly sitting out in the smoking area in front of about twenty residents and a staff member talking very loudly about how she’s playing everyone,how going into rehab was just a ploy to get housing,she asked me drunkenly if I really believe SHE’S crazy?.

Before I could answer she’s saying no, she’s not,she’s fooled them just like the housing workers and the rehab people!.

Then she started being snarky about how if I know so much about computers why don’t I set u a website to sell the jewelry I’m staying about making.I told her that I DO have.website,tHIS one. She. said Oh,that’s just a blog, nothing technical. LMAO! SHE seems to think putting a memory card into a phone is a huge technical thing,she was beating about moving stuff into it.

Which ANYONE knows even  very young child knows that putting a memory card into a device and moving items onto it that it’s merely CHILD’S PLAY!. She doesn’t understand that in speaking as if the memory card is highly technical showed just how LITTLE she actually knows about any sort of device – even a silly Obama phone that was new about 7-8 years ago!.

Now to just get out of the shelter so I don’t have to even look at her or hear her voice.

One staff ( i won’t name her but I will say she’s been there about 10 years from what she’s told us,)  after being stopped in the hallway by the person I’m speaking on who wanted to ask her a question.

When she walked off that female staff actually PHYSICALLY SHUDDERED, Yes, that’s how disgusting she is!. That the staff was like EWWW!!!

 It’s the level of GALL they have that makes me so angry and so disgusted!.

After I post my last post here with images of my new apartment after I move in, I’m going to stop posting here.

I want to start a blog that’s a happy place. I love photography TVand the paranormal. Which has compelled me to decide on a website that’s going to allow me more control over the embedding of elements and more control over the HTML in the site. That’s why I’m going to set up a new site at Squarespace. I’ve also got some plans to make handmade jewelry and sell it on Etsy. After I’m in my apartment I’ll have plenty of privacy and peace and quite above all else to make the jewelry.

A few months ago I started buying the items needed to do this but the shelter is great place to have all your belongings stolen and people there will watch you just to see what you’ve got that they can steal to use or sell.

Another thing I want to do is to write an ebook about my fight against cancer while at the same time having to stop an 18 year heroin addiction to even be able to undergo cancer treatment. I’m going to publish it with Kindle,I’ve started working on a draft of it on Microsoft Word.

This Image was included because it reminds me so much of some of the lazy LUSHES that lay on their butts every minute they can. Some are disgusting without being drunk on their asses. But when coupled with booze they actually make me sick at my stomach!


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Can one “catch insanity” or can it” rub off ” on a person ?

THAT is a question ALL, or rather, most of us woman at the Normal Herr women’s shelter start to worry about after being there for a few months. I and others usually tell them if they think that after ONLY A FEW MONTHS, then try being there for years. I’ve been there now for EXACTLY ONE YEAR and FIVE MONTHS!. That’s SEVENTEEN MONTHS.

This past December 21st. The housing case worker started putting together my paperwork to get low income housing. Then on February 13th 2017 I went to a meeting at Frontline Agency to fill out paperwork for C.M.H.A. and Eden corporations housing.

Well, to put it mildly, I’m so damned disgusted with this hurry up and freaking WAIT!!!!. I sent off for a expedited copy of my birth certificate of which I paid $48.50 out of MY pocket. UNlike a lot of the women there, They will take, take and take some more. NEVER wanting to spend any of their money on anything they need except for their drugs and booze!.

So, anyways, as soon as the B.C. was in my hands, I went to the B.M.V. to get my Ohio State I.D. which had expired and needed to be replaced.  After I returned to the shelter from getting my state I.D. I handed it to the housing worker to be copied and scanned out to the C.M.H.A. people and the Eden people.

The death certificate that was needed for my husband was already handed in to them. That valid I.D. was the LAST THING NEEDED!.

However….I’m still in a holding pattern!, I’m still waiting to be told that I have an appt. to go look at one of the buildings. THEN, after I look at the thing and sign papers ( if I like it.. ha! at this point I’ll take anything) I STILL HAVE TO WAIT … for maybe a week or two from what I’ve been told to move in!.

I wish I understood WHY it takes so damned long!.

Yeah, I understand  there are a lot of us and that there’s ONLY ONE housing worker that actually works!. That isn’t to say there aren’t more that get PAID to be CALLED a housing worker. It’s just that Miss N. is the ONLY one that actually does anything to help us at that horrible place.

I’m honestly afraid that I will go insane before I can get away from there, I’m afraid I’ll end up in prison because of the stress and the ignorant thugs that are allowed in there. Those types will pick fights and then get several of their friends to beat up on ONE person, we are out in situations where we need to defend ourselves BUT in doing so we could go to prison. WHY do they even allow that sort of deranged people in there, homeless or not?!. They should be put somewhere away from women that are willing to follow rules and willing to be civil and actually comport themselves like a human being.

When I went into that place I thought the women were all there from being evicted like myself or maybe in an abusive relationship. But MOST are there because they CAN’T act like anything but THUGS, a lot are CRIMINALLY INSANE. We deal with a lot of them forming lesbian relationships in the shelter, then they will be put in a dorm with bunk beds  like the room I’M in. Then they invite their lesbian lover to spend the night in bed with them. THe rest of the women in the room have to listen to them having sex and talking about lot of nasty horrid talk. 

They threaten us if we tell the staff and most times the staff  can’t even do anything with these pieces of human trash.

Even if they wanted to due to the threats and the bullying that ALL of us put up with. SOMETHING has to be done about the types of women allowed in there.

Hopefully with Catholic Charities taking over the running of the shelter from Frontline, things WILL finally get better!. One thing for sure they can’t get worse.

The food is nasty and has forieghn objects in it such as rocks, hairs, and rotten pieces that the cooks are to lazy to cut away!. We’ve had bouts of food poisoning several times in the 17 months I’ve been there.  There’s just so many horrifying things about that place that it’s impossible to sit here and think of them all.

I’m just really hopping I can get out of that place and into my own apt. before I go crazy or end up in prison!.

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The TRUTH Is Out And My Time In Hell Is Over.

It’s been a while since I posted here. This post will most likely be the next to the last post in this blog.

Any one who has read this knows that I’ve been put through hell by a woman whom somehow PAID? for a title and diploma that would get her hired as a drug counselor at a Methadone Clinic in Cleveland,Ohio. C.A.A.A. to be exact.

Even after having been there before,and coming back in with ALL nesseccary paperwork and state identification. Doctors papers showing my list of health problems and ALL medications I recieve, well KATHLEEN BOONE decided ( CAUSE SHE’S SO SMART…LIKE THAT!! ) that I’M a fake/ a fraud!.

That I’m pretending to be SUSAN WOODRELL, and hey..so what if she’s also got all the scars and tattoos and moles and surgery scars as the ‘real’ one. THAT’S justa  mere coincidence!.

In my opinion KATHLEENE BOON’S the most DESERVING OF CANCER of any life form I’VE ever come across. In fact..I’m praying she gets a huge dose of her own damned medicine.

Last week I had to go for my disability hearing. And THIS is what happened…

I had my appointment with Social Security about my disability payments, and I told the lady by way of video conference, about having been there at the Methadone Clinic for the past 3 years and few months,. The reason I had to explain that to her is that the Methadone Clinic NEVER sent any paper work in showing I was there. Eve though the proper release of info papers had been signed and sent to them. That was normal IMO cause I know what that place is like about ME. Except for the awesom counselor I have NOW.  There was one counselor that had been doing KATHLEEN BOONES bidding in treating me horridly because of the crap boone started. She is the counselor that evidently called Social Security and told them they ( C.A.A.A. )suspect I’m a fraud.

I know for a FACT that when I filled out the papers for SSI I listed the clinic and it’s two doctors with the phone number.

I sure as hell wouldn’t have put down Miss. J’s name ( we called her MISS J. because she’s from India and her name is almost impossible to pronounce properly ). The reason I wouldn’t use her name?, well as I said she did BOONE’S bidding and she was NOT A DOCTOR.  However..her name was brought up during my meeting that day.

The reason is because SHE was the one that was put up to calling in on me. plain and simple.

So, that is all out in the open now, plus I was understanably nervous about the meeting. ALthough the lady that did my video interview was great, as was the others i had to talk t at the Social Security Office that day. I feel that my meeting went okay, my disabilities due to cancer/surgeries/chemo are well documented.

The rest of my post’s title is about how my time at Norma Herr Womens Shlter is coming to a close!.

My housing worker has worked her usual wonders considering how many of us she has to process all by herself for the most part. I go to my meeting on monday and will have two other meetings that are part of the ritual of this sort of thing.

The great things about is that it’s a SURE THING.. I will be moving out of that shelter in the next 3 – 4 weeks!!.

How I have dealt with all of this from loosing my home and my babies(rescue cats) and the hell Kathleene Boone put me through and stayed sane and sober/drug free is a miracle.

Thank you to all who read this and as soon as I’m in my new place I will put up a new blog post on it and then let this blog go.

I will get a new blog though because I like to blog but I’m ging to put up one that’s a HAPPY BLOG!.