Can one “catch insanity” or can it” rub off ” on a person ?


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THAT is a question ALL, or rather, most of us woman at the Normal Herr women’s shelter start to worry about after being there for a few months. I and others usually tell them if they think that after ONLY A FEW MONTHS, then try being there for years. I’ve been there now for EXACTLY ONE YEAR and FIVE MONTHS!. That’s SEVENTEEN MONTHS.

This past December 21st. The housing case worker started putting together my paperwork to get low income housing. Then on February 13th 2017 I went to a meeting at Frontline Agency to fill out paperwork for C.M.H.A. and Eden corporations housing.

Well, to put it mildly, I’m so damned disgusted with this hurry up and freaking WAIT!!!!. I sent off for a expedited copy of my birth certificate of which I paid $48.50 out of MY pocket. UNlike a lot of the women there, They will take, take and take some more. NEVER wanting to spend any of their money on anything they need except for their drugs and booze!.

So, anyways, as soon as the B.C. was in my hands, I went to the B.M.V. to get my Ohio State I.D. which had expired and needed to be replaced.  After I returned to the shelter from getting my state I.D. I handed it to the housing worker to be copied and scanned out to the C.M.H.A. people and the Eden people.

The death certificate that was needed for my husband was already handed in to them. That valid I.D. was the LAST THING NEEDED!.

However….I’m still in a holding pattern!, I’m still waiting to be told that I have an appt. to go look at one of the buildings. THEN, after I look at the thing and sign papers ( if I like it.. ha! at this point I’ll take anything) I STILL HAVE TO WAIT … for maybe a week or two from what I’ve been told to move in!.

I wish I understood WHY it takes so damned long!.

Yeah, I understand  there are a lot of us and that there’s ONLY ONE housing worker that actually works!. That isn’t to say there aren’t more that get PAID to be CALLED a housing worker. It’s just that Miss N. is the ONLY one that actually does anything to help us at that horrible place.

I’m honestly afraid that I will go insane before I can get away from there, I’m afraid I’ll end up in prison because of the stress and the ignorant thugs that are allowed in there. Those types will pick fights and then get several of their friends to beat up on ONE person, we are out in situations where we need to defend ourselves BUT in doing so we could go to prison. WHY do they even allow that sort of deranged people in there, homeless or not?!. They should be put somewhere away from women that are willing to follow rules and willing to be civil and actually comport themselves like a human being.

When I went into that place I thought the women were all there from being evicted like myself or maybe in an abusive relationship. But MOST are there because they CAN’T act like anything but THUGS, a lot are CRIMINALLY INSANE. We deal with a lot of them forming lesbian relationships in the shelter, then they will be put in a dorm with bunk beds  like the room I’M in. Then they invite their lesbian lover to spend the night in bed with them. THe rest of the women in the room have to listen to them having sex and talking about lot of nasty horrid talk. 

They threaten us if we tell the staff and most times the staff  can’t even do anything with these pieces of human trash.

Even if they wanted to due to the threats and the bullying that ALL of us put up with. SOMETHING has to be done about the types of women allowed in there.

Hopefully with Catholic Charities taking over the running of the shelter from Frontline, things WILL finally get better!. One thing for sure they can’t get worse.

The food is nasty and has forieghn objects in it such as rocks, hairs, and rotten pieces that the cooks are to lazy to cut away!. We’ve had bouts of food poisoning several times in the 17 months I’ve been there.  There’s just so many horrifying things about that place that it’s impossible to sit here and think of them all.

I’m just really hopping I can get out of that place and into my own apt. before I go crazy or end up in prison!.

The TRUTH Is Out And My Time In Hell Is Over.


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It’s been a while since I posted here. This post will most likely be the next to the last post in this blog.

Any one who has read this knows that I’ve been put through hell by a woman whom somehow PAID? for a title and diploma that would get her hired as a drug counselor at a Methadone Clinic in Cleveland,Ohio. C.A.A.A. to be exact.

Even after having been there before,and coming back in with ALL nesseccary paperwork and state identification. Doctors papers showing my list of health problems and ALL medications I recieve, well KATHLEEN BOONE decided ( CAUSE SHE’S SO SMART…LIKE THAT!! ) that I’M a fake/ a fraud!.

That I’m pretending to be SUSAN WOODRELL, and what if she’s also got all the scars and tattoos and moles and surgery scars as the ‘real’ one. THAT’S justa  mere coincidence!.

In my opinion KATHLEENE BOON’S the most DESERVING OF CANCER of any life form I’VE ever come across. In fact..I’m praying she gets a huge dose of her own damned medicine.

Last week I had to go for my disability hearing. And THIS is what happened…

I had my appointment with Social Security about my disability payments, and I told the lady by way of video conference, about having been there at the Methadone Clinic for the past 3 years and few months,. The reason I had to explain that to her is that the Methadone Clinic NEVER sent any paper work in showing I was there. Eve though the proper release of info papers had been signed and sent to them. That was normal IMO cause I know what that place is like about ME. Except for the awesom counselor I have NOW.  There was one counselor that had been doing KATHLEEN BOONES bidding in treating me horridly because of the crap boone started. She is the counselor that evidently called Social Security and told them they ( C.A.A.A. )suspect I’m a fraud.

I know for a FACT that when I filled out the papers for SSI I listed the clinic and it’s two doctors with the phone number.

I sure as hell wouldn’t have put down Miss. J’s name ( we called her MISS J. because she’s from India and her name is almost impossible to pronounce properly ). The reason I wouldn’t use her name?, well as I said she did BOONE’S bidding and she was NOT A DOCTOR.  However..her name was brought up during my meeting that day.

The reason is because SHE was the one that was put up to calling in on me. plain and simple.

So, that is all out in the open now, plus I was understanably nervous about the meeting. ALthough the lady that did my video interview was great, as was the others i had to talk t at the Social Security Office that day. I feel that my meeting went okay, my disabilities due to cancer/surgeries/chemo are well documented.

The rest of my post’s title is about how my time at Norma Herr Womens Shlter is coming to a close!.

My housing worker has worked her usual wonders considering how many of us she has to process all by herself for the most part. I go to my meeting on monday and will have two other meetings that are part of the ritual of this sort of thing.

The great things about is that it’s a SURE THING.. I will be moving out of that shelter in the next 3 – 4 weeks!!.

How I have dealt with all of this from loosing my home and my babies(rescue cats) and the hell Kathleene Boone put me through and stayed sane and sober/drug free is a miracle.

Thank you to all who read this and as soon as I’m in my new place I will put up a new blog post on it and then let this blog go.

I will get a new blog though because I like to blog but I’m ging to put up one that’s a HAPPY BLOG!.




How To Avoid Hiring a KATHLEEN BOONE In YOUR Organization.


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As anyone who has read this blog before knows, I’ve had to deal with a very unintelligent, unprofessional, and absolute NIGHTMARE of a METHADONE COUNSELOR.

Her name is KATHLEEN BOONE. She is such a failure that any sort of “NIGHTMARE EMPLOYEE” Should be referred to as a “KATHLEEN BOONE”!.

She got a caught in her lies though about a week before Christmas and also dragged a friend of hers down with her. Although all HE has to do is say that SHE lied to him, much the same way she lied to others ABOUT me!.

But as the saying goes ” THE TRUTH WILL OUT”.

Kathleen Boone….If you ever happen upon this blog, KNOW THIS…. With every breath I breathe I curse you!. With every breath I breathe I pray that YOU will get CANCER. Kathleen Boone, I curse you, to loose your home, to loose everything, and most of all… I want someone to treat YOU the way you treated ME!.

THAT is still not even an ounce of what you deserve, you,KATHLEEN BOONE ARE A TOTAL AND COMPLETE FOOL,YOU ARE NOTHING BUT UTTER TRASH!!.


Find Methadone Clinics Near Me


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Find Methadone Clinics Near Me #MethadoneClinicUSA— Derek Littler (@methadoneUSA) December 7, 2016 // Source: @methadoneUSA December 07, 2016 at 01:11AM More in…

Source: Find Methadone Clinics Near Me

Cats In New York Infected For the First Time With Rare Bird Flu : Shots – Health News : NPR


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Sick Cat With Vet

This sort of story bothers me alot!. I love all animals but cats are my favorite. Before loosing my home I had 3 rescue cats, 1 whom was only 2 weeks old when I took him in. Which meant he was bottle fed and everything his mama cat would/should have done for him..I had to do. Right down to helping my little guy go ‘potty’. But I loved every minute of taking care of him. He rode around in my bra to when he was small. Then he’d still try to crawl into my shirts and hoodies later on.

His  half brother was another one I took in that was also born on my front porch in a shelter I built for any of the stray cats that lived around my house.

The half brother was about 4 weeks old and could eat on his own if it was soupy. He like to ride around in my  bra and shirts to. His name’s Lokie and the other one’s name is Angel. Or at least that’s what I named them. Then I had a little female I took in she was probably about 6-8 months old when I got her, she was named Zoe by me. My landlady took Lokie and Zoe in for me. But I tried my best to keep my Angel with me,we lived in a motel for a few weeks but eventually it got to where I couldn’t pay for the room and couldn’t find any help with the costs either. So it broke my heart…hell it broke my SOUL to have to take him to the A.P.L. This is the NO-KILL shelter. No way would I have taken him or any animal to the one that kills them after a while.

I wrote a a bio for Angel front and back of a notebook sheet of paper. I told of his birth-date, his history of shots and health problems(none at that time). And his food likes,dislikes. His love of hearing me say “lets go night-night Angel!”. And how he’d come running to me and jump up on the bed waiting for me to get situated then he’d crawl up on my side,on top of my ribs and lay down cuddling his little head under ny chin. He’d just purr and purr.Yes, that was MY little baby. The day after I had to take him in, I had to take myself into the Norma Herr Shelter. Then every since 10-10-2015 I’ve been living in HELL in a NIGHTMARE.

The place is bad enough, but I was treated badly due to KATHLEEN BOONE’S lies to a friend of hers that’s employed there. I don’t know his name just that the person is a MAN. Her lies were finally exposed, and NOW it seems things will finally move in the proper direction for me.

I hope to be able to take in other rescue cats, but at the same time I’m scared of being in the same situation again and loosing cats that are the same as my babies.

Sad little kitten on hands at the veterinarian

Kitten With Vet Giving Thumbs Up

via Cats In New York Infected For the First Time With Rare Bird Flu : Shots – Health News : NPR


NOT Accepting Things I (supposedly) Can’t Change


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I found this in my Instagram feed this morning. How awesome is this?!.


And WHY shouldn’t we ALL be like this?. If we were maybe things would indeed change. I’ve learned lately that just because my problem and/or enemy is a person with power of some sort,that does not mean that I DON’T HAVE THE POWER TO STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS!. All I or others have to do is stand up throw it right back at them, cause believe me..the very last thing some of our enemies want is for others i.e. their colleagues to find out what they’re actually up to.

There are to many people in the world just like my ex-drug counselor. To many people who abuse their positions of power. To many that get into those positions that only do so with the intentions of “getting even”, of “righting some sort of real or imagined slight done to them by people that were from their school days!. But, by damned they are gonna show them right?!. Yeah..right!. Only they take it  out on those that have done not one thing to them. Do these people even care?. OF COURSE NOT!.

There’s to many people with enough, that will take from the people who have nothing left to take never mind to GIVE AWAY.

This is said from my stand point of being in a shelter and seeing the thefts and other crazy crap that some residents engage in. When things are brought in to be distributed by the donator,some will keep going back up and telling the giver that they “didn’t get anything”. Meanwhile the ones that REALLY didn’t get anything are just out of luck.


Google are you married? TAT#42 — OY30’s blog!


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Google, I must ask you this: are you married? Hello everyone! Today I am going to be playing in Google Feud. This is a website created by Google where you have to guess the last word(s) of the most popular search terms on the Internet. There are four sections: Culture, People, Names and Questions. All right, […]

via Google are you married? TAT#42 — OY30’s blog!


In The Words Of Eminem


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This is how I feel most times,especially with the last couple of years. I want to use, but I can’t. Then I get angry because I’d love to just be able to have a drink, to unwind like a normal person.

But I know I can’t do that. There is no “just one drink” for me nor is there “just one shot of heroin” either. Just one will lead to every day for the rest of my life. I say every day for the rest of my life because I do know that I don’t have another detox in me. No, if I ever start again that will be it for me.

I shouldn’t have to go through what I’ve been put through by that evil bitch. But since she’s put me through it, I’m going to deal with it..and her the best way I can.




How Does a Woman Tell a Man She’s Missing Her Breast(s) ?


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If the person reading this is a woman who still has both breasts, could you possibly even imagine what it’s like to loose one..or both of them?. Can you imagine having sex with your Husband or Boyfriend or even a one night stand?. No?..Well THAT is NOT something I have to imagine.

No,for me it’s harsh reality.

Let’s take it a step further – let’s imagine that at the time you loose your breast(s) you are single. Totally single, not even a man that means even remotley husband or boyfriend material. Now here you are, you have survived the canvcer, you’ve started to get your health and stamina back. Then you meet someone that asks you out, you think great!,this guys seems nice. stop dead in your tracks. Wondering these two things 1. WHEN and HOW do you tell him if it gets that far. 2. IF it does get that far then HOW do you dress that MASTECTOMY SCAR?!. Oh and there is a sort of number 2 1/2 in here also,it’s if you haven’t told him yet,how do you just drop THAT bomb on him?.

Here’s what was told to me, you don’t tell them right off. And if they don’t like you any more because you are short 1 or 2 boobs then hewck..he wasn’t even worth your time at all!.

How sweet huh?. But not very comforting.

Also. THERE IS NO WAY TO DRESS THAT MASTECTOMY SCAR. No, that’s something that won’t happen.

Learning to deal with a bra all over again, yeah…all over again. Cause let me tell you, those mastectomy bras are very uncomfortable. Some are pretty in the mastectomy bra sort of way. Some ‘regular’ bras even have little pockets to place your breast form/prostesis into. SOFIA VERGARA   has a line out,and here’s a link to it.


Bra by Sofia Vergara

And a website that is hers:

Now for anyone that’s a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR, imagine this..going through all the hell you went through,then having some so called “professional counselor” or whatever she/he is a professional of telling you and other people that you are lieing about it. That you are in fact faking the identity of some other woman?!.

THAT is the worst part of this whole damned nightmare that KATHLEEN BOONE has caused me.

And I want her held accountable.

Here’s a few links to breast cancer sites.